5S Garage DVD

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5s Garage Training Video Course and DVD
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The 5S Process  Help your employees understand process and drive your organization to be more lean.

Waste Reduction Recognize and eliminate the 8 wastes. Reduce setup times with point-of-use concepts.

Visual Controls  Create a visual workplace anyone can understand. 

The 5S Garage video is an informative, engaging, and entertaining 20-minute guided tour of the 5S process.

The purpose of the video is to provide the perspective necessary for your employees to truly understand the 5S method and create a visual workplace that will drive your organization to become more lean.

In a setting that should be familiar to everyone--the typical household garage, the audience is taken through each step of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain by Paul Schmid, Lean Facilitator and creator of "5S Garage."

Along the way, the 8 wastes are identified and removed using the 5S process.

Many times, employees lose perspective and begin to focus solely on the cleaning aspects of 5S. But the 5S process is more than sweeping the floors. It's also about creating a visual workplace that can be understood by anyone, from the newest employee to the shop-floor veteran.

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5S Garage DVD

5S Garage DVD