6S's for Safety Poster Version 1

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6S's for Safety Poster Version 1
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  • Full Color Poster
  • Size: 22 X 28
This poster is great for programs that prefer extra emphasis on safety, hence the 6th "S" standing for safety. The poster is available with an optional thin plastic film coating to protect against dust and grime, fading due to UV-light exposure, and oil from finger marks.
Process that involves selecting what you need to complete the job and removing everything else from your work area.

Straighten (V.1) / Set In Order (V.2)
Specifically customizes your workstation and surrounding area to meet your work area needs. Arrange remaining items so they are easy to select, use, and return to their proper location

Sweep (V.1) / Shine (V.2)
Find the reason why things become dirty. Emphasis is on the removal of dust, dirt, and grime to reveal the source and eliminate it.

If good standards are put in place it will be easier to maintain and continue improving.

The result of how well we have performed the previous four S's. In the sustainability stage, think of ways to eliminate effort in maintaining an area.

Building awareness into all activities is the focus of this step. Zero accidents and injuries will be attained when accident prevention, identifying and eliminating hazards, becomes an integral part of your 6S program.

6S, Lean, and 5S posters


6S's for Safety Poster Version 1

6S's for Safety Poster Version 1


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