Lean Videos

5SToday has collected some of the top instructional videos and training DVDs on the market dealing with 5S and Lean manufacturing concepts.  All of these present 5S in its most simplistic form, and offer common sense solutions for you when dealing with the almost overwhelming task of converting a plant over to 5S and lean systems.

Browse all of our titles below, and make sure to find the DVD that will work the best for your company's workforce.  We also offer free articles about Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen.

  • 5s Industrial Training DVD

    Nearly every company on the lean journey has taken its first steps into the process by way of "5S", a popular method for workplace organization. The practice derives its name from five Japanese words that begin with "S", each representing one of five... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare Training Course Video and DVD

    Filmed with the participation of a number of healthcare organizations. The 5S for Healthcare DVD outlines the benefits of implementing the 5S system, defines the 5S’s, and shows the 5S’s in action. See firsthand before and after examples in... More details

  • 5s Garage Training Video Course and DVD

    Features: The 5S Process  Help your employees understand process and drive your organization to be more lean. Waste Reduction Recognize and eliminate the 8 wastes. Reduce setup times with point-of-use concepts. Visual Controls  Create a... More details

  • 5S Into Action Training Video and DVD

    Sustaining the Results and Realizing the Benefits Concisely explains each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain This is the best professional video of 5S on the market Explains “why” it is done and “how” to achieve... More details

  • Sobre el taller 5S - Spanish 5S Garage DVD En un entorno que debe ser familiar para todos, el típico taller de casa, Paul Schmid, Facilitador de Eficiencia y creador del taller 5S, le presenta a la audiencia cada paso del proceso de 5S, desde... More details

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