Custom Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")

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Custom Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")
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Toolboxes are great storage devices, but with our custom foam drawer liners you can help keep your drawers better organized. These custom foam liners are easy to cut, so you can alter it to fit your needs. These liners are composed of thick foam that holds each tool in its designated place so you won’t run the risk of damaging or scratching tools.

Custom foam drawer liners are integral to the Set in Order step in the 5S method. Liners will help your workers cut out the wasted time spent looking for misplaced tools, which means that’s more time they’ll spend being productive.


  • 16-5/8" x 22-1/4" x 1/2" thick foam
  • Keeps your tools in place
  • Easy to cut out any shape
  • Protects your tools
  • Color: Blue or Black

Foamboard Cutter

  • Converts between straight and bevel cutting
  • Adjustable blade depth
  • Ergonomic handle
  • On-board blade storage
  • Includes two blades
  • Compatible with any suitable straight-edge blade
  • Cuts up to 3/16"-thick pieces of foam

Economy and versatility are combined in the FoamWerks Foamboard Straight/Bevel Cutter. Simply rotate the angled base block and the foamcutter transforms from a straight cutter to a bevel cutter. Allows for easy, precision cutting that scissors or knives cannot duplicate.

Industrial Foam Hot Knife

  • Cuts styrofoam, plank, and soft foam
  • For custom-size packaging applications
  • Pre-heats in 15 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature control - up to 1000°F
  • 4" straight alloy blade included
  • 110 volt

This industrial cutting tool is specifically designed for foam cutting. Use it to cut custom foam shapes for tool shadowing, storage needs, and other applications in seconds. No more hassle from dull scissors or box knives; this foam hot knife ensures an accurate cut without the need for excessive pressure.

Heavy Duty Foam Hot Knife

  • 130W power
  • Adjustable cutting depth from 3-3/4" to 5-7/16"
  • Knife heats quickly for a quick, precision cut (max. temperature 840ºF)
  • Easy push-button activation
  • Auto-off feature
  • Includes a depth-adjusting sled
  • Overall dimensions: 13.5"L x 2.5"W x 4"H

This 130 watt, heavy-duty hot knife cuts foam, EIFS, ICF, nylon rope, webbing, synthetic fabric, and plastics. Use it for sculpting candles, foam, or other craft materials.

Custom Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")

Custom Foam Drawer Liner (16.625"x22.25")