Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing Book

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Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing Shigeo Shingo Book
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Dr. Shigeo Shingo’s innovations in manufacturing completely transformed the way the world though about production processes. His work catapulted Toyota to the top of the heap, and he helped pioneer and later become the world’s foremost experts on the famous Toyota Production System, the process for manufacturing that’s been adapted by countless other companies and industries across the globe.

In Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing, a newly-discovered classic, Dr. Shingo directs the reader towards the path of flow operations, the ultimate and attainable goal of process improvement. Numerous examples with easy to understand, yet in-depth explanations of problem solving, are well represented throughout this book.

Presented as the foundation to the principles of Lean Operations, Dr. Shingo instructs and illustrates the core successes to:

  • Process Improvement
  • Operations Improvement
  • Facility Improvement, and
  • Improving the Improvement Process

Within these themes, Dr. Shingo breaks each one down to their separate components; from the pros and cons of the division of labor, to lot size, delays, transportation, inspections, layout design and efficiency, and everything in between. He goes into great depth concerning coefficient of Design and Layout Design – a fantastic set of tools that every reader should learn and use.

This book is a must read for any manager, engineer, executive, or employee with a passion for Lean manufacturing and improvement, Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing provides the technical know-how to plot a course of improvement; the practical application of tools such as Kanban and Layout Design are revealed.

Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing Book

Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing Book


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