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LabelTac 4 Pipe Marking Labeling Package

$3,278.75 $2,999.00
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Product Description

The LabelTac 4 Pipe Marking Package is designed to give you everything you need to label pipes in your facility according to proper standards.


  • 1 LabelTac 4 Printer Industrial Label Printer with software, cables, and 1 complimentary black ribbon.
  • 2 rolls: 2"x150' White
  • 2 rolls: 2"x150' Yellow 
  • 2 rolls: 2"x150' Blue 
  • 2 rolls: 2"x150' Red 
  • 2 rolls: 2"x150' Green 
  • 2 rolls: 4"x150' White 
  • 2 rolls: 4"x150' Yellow 
  • 1 roll:  4"x150' Blue 
  • 1 roll:  4"x150' Red 
  • 1 roll:  4"x150' Green 
  • 4 rolls: Black Ribbon
  • 4 rolls: White Ribbon

Retail Price: $3,278.75
Savings: $279.75 

The LabelTac 4 Industrial Thermal Printer is the easiest way to print all of your 5S, Pipe Marking, Facility, Lean, and other labels in-house! Prints indoor/outdoor signs and labels up to 4" tall, and 40" long, that are UV, chemical, weather, water, and wear resistant, and won't fade or smear over time. These labels are perfect for use in any environment- whether it be a quiet, office-style scenario, or even the toughest industrial manufacturing facilities. Owning your own label printer will save you time and money from third party label/sign services.