LabelTac® 4 Pro Total Facility Bundle

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LabelTac® 4 Pro Total Facility Bundle
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Need labels for multiple applications? The LabelTac® 4 Pro Total Facility Bundle includes everything you'll need to start tackling your labeling projects right away: a LabelTac® 4 Pro industrial label printer, label creation software, multiple colors and sizes of label supply, two colors of print ribbon, and labels with preprinted OSHA headers. You get a lot of material with this bundle, so you can get a lot done (plus, you'll save a lot of money by purchasing your labeling materials up front). With this bundle, you can create signs and labels up to 4” tall and 40” long that are resistant to water, chemicals, UV rays, and other wear and tear. You get long-lasting labels and the ability to create more whenever you need them.