Large Custom Foam Tool Kit 48x108

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Large Custom Foam Tool Kit 48x108
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  • 2-piece kit
  • Dimensions: 48"x108" (4'x 9') (1/2" thick 'primary', 1/4" thick 'secondary')
  • Primary foam colors: Black, Blue
  • Secondary foam colors: Red, Yellow
  • 4lb per cubic ft cross-link closed cell foam
  • Extremely durable, yet easy to cut
  • Contamination resistant

Create your own long-lasting custom drawer liners or foam shadow boards these foam tool kits. These 2-peice foam organizers are easy to cut to fit your drawers or table tops and to cut tool outlines from. The bright secondary foam shows through the tool outline cut from the primary foam, providing a high contrast to draw awareness to missing tools. Reduces time searching for tools, which helps productivity. A great addition to 5S programs.

Large Custom Foam Tool Kit 48x108

Large Custom Foam Tool Kit 48x108


Foamboard Cutter

  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Equipped with two back-up blades
  • Allows for easy, precise cut
  • More accurate than knives and scissors

This sleek FoamWerks Foamboard Straight/Bevel Cutter comes with an adjustable blade depth to make it the right fit for any job. Easily transitions from straight cutter to a bevel cutter in one simple rotation. Ergonomic handle makes for a comfortable grip.

Industrial Foam Hot Knife

  • Uniquely designed for foam cutting
  • Ready in seconds
  • Great for tool shadowing
  • Built to make accurate cuts without excess pressure

This 100-volt industrial hot knife was engineered to dynamically and accurately cut Styrofoam, plank, and soft foam. Its adjustable temperature control allows for easy adjustment for the material you’re working with, and it comes equipped with a 4” straight alloy blade for ease of use.

Heavy Duty Foam Hot Knife

  • 130 Watts
  • Versatile cutting size (3 3/4” to 5 7/16”)
  • Fast-heating blade makes for an accurate cut
  • Quick activation
  • Automatic power-down capabilities
  • Great for cutting foam, ICF, nylon rope, plastics, and more.

This durable, heavy-grade hot knife is built for stellar performance. It includes an adjustable sled, and is perfect for crafting, molding candles, and other recreational activities.