Lean Manufacturing Workshop Facilitator Guide

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Lean Manufacturing Workshop Facilitator Guide
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When it comes to creating a lean mindset within your organization, effective communication and training is paramount. Conducting this lean workshop in-house provides you with the means to encourage and practice the lean mindset. The facilitator guide includes the essential elements required to conduct a Lean Manufacturing workshop. Successful lean programs are led internally.

The guide provides:

  • Complete instructions that guide you through each step of the workshop
  • Explanatory text specifically directed to the trainer which provides extra content and industry knowledge
  • Sample trainer narrative which provides content to be communicated to the participants
  • Transcripts for visual segments if drawing diagrams are necessary
  • Annotations to provide specific input to the facilitator

Included with every guide is a Lean Manufacturing Workshop Digital Media CD – Designed using Flash technology, the presentation is a cut above anything that could be designed in PowerPoint. Digital illustrations contained in the presentation are both 2D and 3D to ensure a visually communicated experience for the participants. Smooth transitions, vivid colors, and ease of use are some more of the many benefits of using this digital media CD. A flash player is included on the CD so no additional software is necessary to download and install.

Note - For an increased value purchase the Lean Manufacturing Workshop Solution Package, a fully designed process improvement program which includes this guide.

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Lean Manufacturing Workshop Facilitator Guide

Lean Manufacturing Workshop Facilitator Guide