• 41-Quart Recycling Bin Easily filter recycling from solid waste with this durable 41-quart recycling container. It’s low profile, sleek, and attractive design is perfect for environments such as office buildings, classrooms, and warehouses. Its... More details

  • 41-Quart Trash Bin Make organizing and cleaning easy with this desk-side 48-quart wastebasket. Durable in its design, the 48-quart wastebasket is perfect for a variety of work environments, such as office buildings and classrooms. Its rounded corners... More details

  • 55 Gallon Trash Can Great for industrial work environments that produce tons of waste, such as factories and construction sites, these 55 Gallon trash containers are designed to hold up to incredible stress. Made with Long-Lasting polyethylene resin,... More details

  • 55 Gallon Trash Can Lid   Created using long-lasting polyethylene resin, these durable lids are leak-proof, protects the content inside 55 Gallon trash bins, and keep odors from escaping. The plastic material used in the making of these lids will... More details

  • 5s Industrial Training DVD

    Nearly every company on the lean journey has taken its first steps into the process by way of "5S", a popular method for workplace organization. The practice derives its name from five Japanese words that begin with "S", each representing one of five... More details

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    Red tags a crucial part of the Sort step in the 5S program. These 5S adhesive red tags make attaching tags easy and hassle-free. They’re especially helpful when tagging items that don’t have a good tie-point for regular tags. Red tags are a... More details

  • SafetyTac Industrial Floor Marking Tape Arrows Die-Cut

    SafetyTac® Arrows for Floor Marking Use SafetyTac® Arrows to highlight important pathways in your facility. These arrows can provide instructions about which direction to go while working or even when evacuating during an emergency... More details

  • 5S Audit Scorecard  Our 5S Audit Scorecard includes 5-pages designed to help identify areas of improvement within facilities eager to use 5S. The scorecard's easy-to-read format breaks down the process down to each of the five steps of 5S. It... More details

  • 3 sizes available Bright, vibrant color 5-7 year life More durable than vinyl material Promote and reinforce your message with these large 5S banners. The banners utilize an aesthetically pleasing circle that also reinforces that 5S is continuous... More details

  • Safetytac floor tape die-cut floor shapes : Corners

    SafetyTac® Corners - Floor Marking Shapes Use SafetyTac® Corners to assist with organizational and 5S efforts by marking the locations where pallets, machinery, and other equipment should be placed. SafetyTac® Corners are made using the... More details

  • 5S and 6S Floor Tape Dots (50 pack)

    SafetyTac® Dots - Floor Marking Shapes SafetyTac® Dots can assist with organizational, 5S, and safety efforts. They are typically used to mark boundaries. You can also use them in high-traffic locations where tape lines struggle to hold up. If... More details

  • Implementing the 5S program into your facility is a great way to improve production and efficiency, but it can be hard to get everyone on board. Change is tough. A good way to combat this reluctance is to have a 5S event to introduce everyone to the idea... More details

  • SafetyTac® T's - Floor Marking Shapes Use SafetyTac® T’s to assist with organizational and 5S efforts by marking the locations where pallets, machinery, and other equipment should be placed. SafetyTac® T’s are made using the... More details

  • SafetyTac® Footprints - Floor Marking Shapes Use SafetyTac® Footprints to highlight important pathways in your facility. These footprints can provide instructions about which direction to go while working or even when evacuating during an... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare Training Course Video and DVD

    Filmed with the participation of a number of healthcare organizations. The 5S for Healthcare DVD outlines the benefits of implementing the 5S system, defines the 5S’s, and shows the 5S’s in action. See firsthand before and after examples in... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare and Office Workshop Kit

    5S for Healthcare includes: Coach Guide The definitions and benefits of the 5S workplace visual systems and organization The role of 5S in patient safety and initiatives Process and materials for communicating the 5S system to your organization or area... More details

  • 5s Garage Training Video Course and DVD

    Features: The 5S Process  Help your employees understand process and drive your organization to be more lean. Waste Reduction Recognize and eliminate the 8 wastes. Reduce setup times with point-of-use concepts. Visual Controls  Create a... More details

  • 5S Into Action Training Video and DVD

    Sustaining the Results and Realizing the Benefits Concisely explains each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain This is the best professional video of 5S on the market Explains “why” it is done and “how” to achieve... More details

  • 5S Training PowerPoint for Lean Workshops Download your free 5S PowerPoint Presentation   This 40-60 minute PowerPoint presentation introduces your audience to the principles of 5S. It's great for teaching groups in a workshop, as an... More details

  • These Red Tag Boards make the Sort phase of the 5S program easier to track. This low-cost, simple system is an easy way to organize your red tags. The boards make it easy to identify and story red tags and red tag areas. The dry erase board allows for... More details

  • Like all Lean manufacturing methods, 5S is a built for long-term improvement, not quick fixes. Production processes need to be changed from the ground up, and that’s where 5S red tags come in. These tags are necessary for the Sort phase in 5S,... More details

  • Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain

    Full Color Size: 22 X 28 inches Available in Spanish This poster comes UV film coated to protect against dust and grime, fading due to light exposure, and oil from finger prints Poster hangers and rails are also available to ensure proper hanging... More details

  • 3 sizes available Rated for 5 - 7 years outdoors More durable Skriv material Metal grommets for easy hanging When smaller signs and posters don't get the point across quite enough, try using these large, highly-durable banners! These banners are... More details

  • Industrial Supplies and Floor Safety Tac Tape

    25 per pack 6" x 6" x 2" 10 color choices Easy to clean Aggressive adhesive Scrath and scuff resistant They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic Simple peel-and-stick installation Great for 5S or lean events Eliminates the... More details

  • If you emphasize 6S over 5S, this sign is designed for you. An easy and effective way to keep 6S principles on the forefront of your employees minds, which is a key element of sustaining. Also an effective way to notify visitors and higher management... More details

  • Full Color Poster Size: 22 X 28 This poster is great for programs that prefer extra emphasis on safety, hence the 6th "S" standing for safety. The poster is available with an optional thin plastic film coating to protect against dust and... More details

  • 6S for Safety Poster and custom signs

    This alternate version to the 6S’s for Safety poster is a different design that educates workers on the what’s often called the 6S of the 5S Lean methodology: Safety. This 6S poster has an alternate design, but still clearly explains each... More details

  • AED - Pre Made Floor Sign Bundle This AED - Pre Made Floor Sign Bundle is useful for visual communication and impleneting a 5S program at your facility. This floor sign is made out of a durable vinyl material and is available with both permanent or... More details

  • Air Horn for Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

    Alert workers up to 1/2 mile away Rated for 120 dB at 10 feet Refills available (no horn attachment) This airhorn is designed to produce a loud pneumatic blast that will get anyone's attention in a reasonable distance. The horn may be used to signal... More details

  • Authorized Personnel Only Floor Sign and other custom signs.

    When managing a facility, it’s important to visually communicate to your workers and visitors when certain areas are off limits. Authorized Personnel Only signs are written in clear, easy-to-read fonts that guarantee they’ll grab attention... More details

  • A quick and easy way to notify personnel and visitors of hazardous areas that may require breathing protection. Helps prevent incidents involving inhalation of a dangerous gases. Available in 7 size options Floor and wall usage Low-profile Strong... More details

  • Carton Staging Signs are an easy way to locate the carton staging area, or the shipment preparation area. Can be used to help identify when shipments are ready to be shipped. Available in 7 size options Floor and wall usage Low-profile Strong adhesive... More details

  • Caution Forklift Sign

    Notify pedestrians and other vehicles that forklifts may be present in the area. These signs increase awareness and safety which reduces accidents. Available in 7 size options Floor and wall usage Low-profile Strong adhesive Easy peel-&-stick... More details

  • Caution Open Door Slowly Sign

    Caution Open Door Slowly signs provide the right visual cue to remind your workers to proceed with caution. As the 6S in Lean Manufacturing, Safety is a paramount component to a business’s success. This warning instructs workers and visitors... More details

  • Slippery When Wet Sign and Custom Banners

      Our Caution Slippery When Wet signs visually communicate the immediate slipping hazards workers and visitors face, and allow them to react accordingly. Safety, the 6S in Lean manufacturing, is paramount to company’s success, so it’s... More details

  • CAUTION Tripping Hazard Sign

    Notify pedestrians of potential tripping hazards in the area that may be hard to notice. Great for areas that have had multiple tripping reports. Works well in conjunction with safety tapes wrapped around the tripping hazard. This sign will help reduce... More details

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