•   Size: 22"x28" Bold, easy to read Available with poster hangers and a UV protective coating Use this poster to communicate the steps of 5S to visitors and personnel. Effective way to keep the 5S principles on the front of your employees'... More details

    5S Steps Poster

  • LabelTac 4 PRO - Industrial Label Maker with software and cables.Includes software, cables, one free black ribbon ($149.99 value).The LabelTac 4 PRO Industrial Thermal Printer is the easiest way to print all of your 5S, Pipe Marking, Facility, Lean,... More details

  • 22" x 28" UV protective coating and poster hanger options available Bright, vivid color This poster is a great temporary red tag area locator. Should eventually be replaced with durable vinyl labeling for more permanence. Red Tag Areas are the... More details

  • SafetyTac Floor Tape

    #1 Rated Floor Tape for all traffic situations including high forklift and truck traffic. 100' per roll 2", 3", 4", 6" widths availabale Perfect for industrial environments Multiple color options for OSHA compliance 35 mil. thick for very high... More details

  • 5S Package for a visual workplace

    5S awareness is a necessity for any 5S program. Our bold & high-resolution banners, posters, and floor signs are easy to see and keep 5S awareness always at the forefront of employees minds, which helps ensure that its key principles are constantly... More details

  • LabelTac 4 & 4 PRO supply comes in a variety of sizes and colors perfect for:5S Color Coding, Pipe Marking, Lean Programs, Arc Flash Labels, GHS, NFPA, Six Sigma, and more.. Each roll is 150' Long 1/2" to 4" width available 5-year rated,... More details

  • LabelTac 4 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Supplies for Label Maker

    300' per roll (White - 164' per roll) 4.33" width Chemical, smear, scratch resistant For use in LabelTac 4 printers Ribbon is what adds the symbols and lettering to your labels; it is the "ink" to your printer. Thermal transfer technology makes a... More details

  • LabelTac 4 PRO Industrial Thermal Ribbon Supplies

      4.33"x 984' for Black, Red, Blue 4.33"x 800' for White Chemical Resistant Indoor and Outdoor use Print does not smudge, smear, or scratch off  LabelTac 4 PRO Ribbons are made from an ultra-durable resin ribbon that can withstand... More details

  • Super THIN meets Super STRONG 100' per roll 2", 3", and 4" widths available Made from an extremely strong material. It's stronger than any vinyl tape out there Does not stretch or curl when applying it Thin profile Strong adhesive and... More details

  • 5S Audit Scorecard

    5S Audit Scorecard Digital Download Download your free 5S Audit Scorecard   This 4-page 5S Audit Form asks the important questions in each step of the 5S System and will give you a score to let you know where you stand in each category (with a... More details

  • 5S Sustain Floor Sign

      Our 5S Sustain industrial floor sign is a great way to visually communicate the pieces of the 5S program of Lean Manufacturing to your workers. This floor sign will act as a reminder about the steps in 5S, and will help employees to stay focused... More details

  • 5S Sustain Wall Poster

    22" x 28" Bright, vivid colors UV protection laminate and poster hanger options available Provide a great looking poster to help people sustain the 5S program that will save your company valuable time and money. This poster should be displayed in... More details

    5S Sustain Poster

  • 8 Wastes of Lean Poster and Other Customizable Signs

    Lean programs and strategies for the workplace strive for a more efficient, safer, less wasteful workflow, and the benefits are worth it: higher profit, less waste, less overstock inventory, and fewer accidents. An enemy of a successful business is... More details

  • What is Composite Risk Management (CRM) Process Poster

      Composite Risk Management is a process for decision-making developed by the US military to acknowledge, assess, and address hazards and control risks during missions, operations, and even day-to-day activities. This 5-step process represents a... More details

  • 200 4"x6" Labels per roll Compatible with both the LabelTac 4 and LabelTac 4 PRO Printers Strong indoor/outdoor material Tough, tear-resistant material Smudge and scratch resistant Create your own customized danger labels specific to... More details

  • 6S for Safety, Lean and 5S Posters

    Implementing new production methods or concepts can be difficult for any business, but one way to prevent difficulty is to display visual reminders. This Road to Safety/6S Poster is a great way to educate workers about 5S, the Lean manufacturing method... More details

    Road to Safety/6S Poster

  • SafetyTac Hazard Tape

      100' per roll 100% smear and scuff resistant Ideal for alerting workers where to be cautious in the workplace Keep electrical panels clear for easy access Simple peel-&-stick installation No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up... More details

  • Each roll is 130' long (30' longer than standard floor tape) Curl, stretch, and snag resistant Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation Conforms to uneven surfaces easily 12 colors to chose from, making 5S color coding a snap No dry time,... More details

  • TPM Solution Package

    Want to turn your maintenance function from a simple react and repair function to a reliable system that prevents breakdowns?  Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the vehicle to do this! What is Total Productive Maintenance?It is a system that... More details

  • Trash Can Custom Floor Safety Sign

    The Set in Order step in the 5S method requires that all of aspects of a workspace have a set position. Trash can signs visually communicate where the garbage receptacle goes so that workers will remember where to put it. When everyone knows where a... More details

  • 5s Industrial Training DVD

    Nearly every company on the lean journey has taken its first steps into the process by way of "5S", a popular method for workplace organization. The practice derives its name from five Japanese words that begin with "S", each representing one of five... More details

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    Red tags a crucial part of the Sort step in the 5S program. These 5S adhesive red tags make attaching tags easy and hassle-free. They’re especially helpful when tagging items that don’t have a good tie-point for regular tags. Red tags are a... More details

  • An easy and effective way to keep 5S on the forefront of your employee's minds, which helps ensure the important "sustain" principle is followed. Also an effective way to notify visitors and higher management that you employ 5S in your facility. ... More details

  • SafetyTac Industrial Floor Marking Tape Arrows Die-Cut

    25 per pack 10" x 3.5" 10 color choices Easy to clean Aggressive adhesive Scrath and scuff resistant They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic Simple peel-and-stick installation Great for 5S or lean events Eliminates the... More details

  • Customize a Sign or Banner for Your Lean, 5S, 6S, or Six Sigma Program!

    3 sizes available Bright, vibrant color 5-7 year life More durable than vinyl material Promote and reinforce your message with these large 5S banners. The banners utilize an aesthetically pleasing circle that also reinforces that 5S is continuous... More details

  • Safetytac floor tape die-cut floor shapes : Corners

    A necessary component of the Kaizen Lean manufacturing method is visual communication. This calls for facilities to have visually-cued, designated places for tools and equipment, which cuts out the waste of lost time that occurs when workers are forced... More details

  • 5S and 6S Floor Tape Dots (50 pack)

    50 per pack 3.5" diameter 10 color choices Easy to clean Aggressive adhesive Scrath and scuff resistant They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic Simple peel-and-stick installation Great for 5S or lean events Eliminates the... More details

  • Implementing the 5S program into your facility is a great way to improve production and efficiency, but it can be hard to get everyone on board. Change is tough. A good way to combat this reluctance is to have a 5S event to introduce everyone to the idea... More details

  • 25 per pack 6" x 6" x 2" 10 color choices Easy to clean Aggressive adhesive Scrath and scuff resistant They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic Simple peel-and-stick installation Great for 5S or lean events Eliminates the... More details

  • 25 per pack 9" x 3.5" 10 color choices Easy to clean Aggressive adhesive Scrath and scuff resistant They are durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic Simple peel-and-stick installation Great for 5S or lean events Eliminates the need... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare Training Course Video and DVD

    Filmed with the participation of a number of healthcare organizations. The 5S for Healthcare DVD outlines the benefits of implementing the 5S system, defines the 5S’s, and shows the 5S’s in action. See firsthand before and after examples in... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare and Office Workshop Kit

    5S for Healthcare includes: Coach Guide The definitions and benefits of the 5S workplace visual systems and organization The role of 5S in patient safety and initiatives Process and materials for communicating the 5S system to your organization or area... More details

  • 5s Garage Training Video Course and DVD

    Features: The 5S Process  Help your employees understand process and drive your organization to be more lean. Waste Reduction Recognize and eliminate the 8 wastes. Reduce setup times with point-of-use concepts. Visual Controls  Create a... More details

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