Vinyl UP

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Vinyl UP
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Don't struggle with removing vinyl tape and signs any longer... Get Vinyl UP!

  • Individual 4 oz (118 mL) spray bottles
  • Non-toxic, green product
  • *Vinyl tapes only

Vinyl Up is designed to assisst in the vinyl tape removal process. It will not damage paint or flooring. Ideal for cleaning up old, difficult to remove vinyl tape residue. Works on vinyl signs, decals, and tape on the side of vehicles, doors, equipment, floors, glass, etc.

Simply spray or wipe Vinyl Up ONLY on the vinyl tape you intend to remove, it will penetrate the vinyl and attack the adhesive behind it and just a minute or two later, the vinyl comes right up. Sometimes a small amount of warmth from a heat gun or propane will assist the process. The vinyl will come up in large pieces, if not one whole piece, which reduces time and money from peeling and removal.

*It is important to note that Vinyl Up will 
only work on vinyl tape such as our 5S Tape, Smart Stripe, or LabelTac vinyl material. This product will not work with thicker industrial PVC safety tapes, or traction tapes.

Vinyl UP

Vinyl UP


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