Fire Exit Arrow Sign

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Fire Exit Arrow Sign
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These signs are a low-cost, easy way to show where fire exit locations are. It is easy to get flustered in an emergency situation, these signs reduce the confusion and allow your employees to guide themselves to safety as quick as possible. Every fire exit should have these signs.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Floor and wall usage
  • Low-profile
  • Strong adhesive
  • Easy peel-&-stick installation
  • Industrial top layer of protection for high traffic resistance
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Vivid and UV-fade resistant

5SToday's Signs are great for any 5S or Six Sigma program, these durable floor signs will communicate safety instructions and can withstand pedestrian or forklift traffic. They are much stronger than vinyl signs and are built to last. These signs will save you from painting hassles such as: dry time, cure time, and down time. Our Signs are the ultimate 5S floor/wall solution and make safety supplies affordable!

Customize: full color signs are available without any additional cost. Let us know what we can make for you and we will waive any setup fees.

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Fire Exit Arrow Sign

Fire Exit Arrow Sign