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We are offering some of the top instructional videos and training DVDs on the market dealing with Lean manufacturing concepts.  All of these present Lean in its most simplistic form, and offer common sense solutions for you when dealing with the almost overwhelming task of converting a plant over to 5S and lean systems.  Concepts like Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM) are explored.  We also have a selection of 5S related videos for sale.

Browse all of our titles below, and make sure to find the DVD that will work the best for your company's workforce.  We also offer free articles about Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen.

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Free 5S Starter Download Pack

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  • Toast Kaizen Training Video and Educational Safety DVD

    Toast Kaizen DVD is the #1 selling training tool for Lean manufacturing methodologies. In only twenty-seven minutes, this video uses the process of making toast to accessibly define the seven types of waste found in manufacturing processes, and explains... More details

  • Toast Value Stream Mapping DVD and Educational Training Video

    This DVD provides comprehensive coverage of the effective lean manufacturing starting point technique, value stream mapping (VSM). What this technique does it points you in the write direction towards improving the most deficient or harmful processes to... More details

  • Total Productive Maintenance TPM Training DVD and Educational Video

    Tap the hidden capacity of your equipment Equipment breakdowns in your facility lengthen lead times, reduce productivity, increase down time, inflate maintenance costs and frustrate your employees? If you are having this issue, you’re not alone... More details

  • El Taller 5S - Spanish 5S Garage DVD

    Sobre el taller 5S - Spanish 5S Garage DVD En un entorno que debe ser familiar para todos, el típico taller de casa, Paul Schmid, Facilitador de Eficiencia y creador del taller 5S, le presenta a la audiencia cada paso del proceso de 5S, desde... More details

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