Pegboards are a wonderful way to organize work areas, especially to store tools that are frequently used and need to be easily accessible. In fact, in industrial applications, pegboards are used as part of the "set in order" mode of 5S and Lean systems.

The process is simple, install a pegboard, add tools, then outline them with a marker or vinyl tape. Your workers will always know exactly where the hammer or the wrench are stored. This not only makes it easier to find those tools during the next shift, but also ultimately makes your workers’ jobs easier and more productive.

Organization is an important step, and our pegboard kits will help your company become a more efficient production facility.

  • Industrial Pegboard Kit 24x48

    Two sizes--4-Board kit and 2-Board kit 24" x 48" x 1/4"  3x the holding power of traditional pegboards  Weather resistant and durable  Washable  Ideal for tool shadowing  This kit ensures you have everything you need to... More details

    Industrial Pegboard Kit 24x48

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