Shop for Solutions by Step No matter what part of the 5S process you are in, we
make it easy to find innovative tools, supplies, and
resources for your program.

No matter what part of the 5S process you are in, we make it easy to find innovative tools, supplies, and resources for your program.

Shop for Solutions by Step

Step 1: Sort

In any workplace, accumulation of excessive materials like unnecessary tools or outdated paperwork can hinder workers' ability to do their job well. It is for this reason that 5S programs require you to sift through your workplace, removing from it everything that isn't used consistently to complete the job.

Step 2: Set in Order

Now that workspaces have been cleansed of unnecessary items, Set in Order takes the remaining tools in your workspace and places them in an intuitive, efficient organization system that's easy to continue.

These products are designed to help your team build organizational structures that make sense and are easy to maintain. Organizational products like foam tool organizers and industrial pegboards make it easy to arrange tools in an easy-to-find visual system. Floor marking tape helps to create equipment parking zones and lanes in your facility to improve organization and maintain safety.

You'll be shocked at how productivity will skyrocket once organization is improved.

Step 3: Shine

Cleanliness helps workers have pride in their area and increases safety and efficiency. Products like SafetyTac® Floor and Tape Cleaner help keep floor markings bright, clean, and visible. To help remind workers of the importance of Shine, 5S Today provides a number of industrial-strength signs that inform workers about cleaning policies, where to find cleaning supplies, where to throw out waste, etc.

Visual communication is a big part of 5S, so it's important to use the right signs to convey important cleaning messages.

Step 4: Standardize

In order to ensure that your facility remains in good shape as a result of the work done in the first 3 S's, it's important to take steps to Standardize these policies.

These products help you maintain standards so that your facility doesn't fall out of habit with 5S.

Step 5: Sustain

The way to ensure that the great results continue is with Sustain, the final S in the 5S program. Remember: 5S is a mindset—it requires all team members to engage with the principles in order to be successful. The products here work hard to remind of the importance of 5S through visual communication.

Sustaining good results can be challenging; Let us help you get there.

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