5S Social Distancing A-Frame Signs

5S Social Distancing A-Frame Signs

Be Ready
with Mobile Signage.

Participating in social distancing has become an important part of our lives for staying safe and healthy. Although, we do hope social distancing will eventually disappear from our normal routines. With that being said, putting up permanent signage for a new safety protocol that won’t be around forever is a bit overkill. That’s why 5S Today offers social distancing A-frame signs! These signs are mobile, noticeable, and are durable. Consider using this signage to direct people where to go, remind them to wear masks, and more

Social distancing A-frame signs are a great tool and can be used at indoor facilities as well as outdoor set-ups. If you’re looking for a specific sign but don’t see it on our website, call us at 1-886-402-4776 or send an email to info@5stoday.com and we can get you a customized A-frame sign to your exact specifications.

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