Lean Manufacturing Tools

LEAN and 5S in Manufacturing:

Implementing Lean manufacturing into your facility can be difficult. It’s a big job, and you’ll need the proper Lean manufacturing tools to do it right. We have tools to help you implement all of the various Lean methods, from Kaizen to Gemba to the ever-popular 5S program.

Our Lean manufacturing tools are exactly what you’ll need to get started. LabelTac® printers and supply comes in a variety of sizes and colors, perfect for 5S color coding, labeling tool storage systems, GHS, Six Sigma, and much more. We have 5S posters that help inform, instruct, and remind workers of Lean principles, and safety posters that will help everyone stay committed to safety and efficiency. We have training videos to help train workers on how to implement and sustain Lean methods, and we have floor tape and floor signs to help your facility get—and stay—organized. No matter what you hope to accomplish, we’ve got the Lean manufacturing tools to help you get there.