LabelTac® Printers (all models)

Full Lifetime Printer Warranty

All LabelTac® printers include a FULL LIFETIME transferable warranty on all parts, labor and related costs, warrantied by Creative Safety Supply, LLC.

LabelTac Lifetime Warranty


Creative Safety Supply will repair any printer that is defective due to materials or workmanship, standard wear and tear, or mechanical malfunction. In the event repair is not possible (or your printer has required more than 3 in-warranty repairs for the same problem) we will replace your printer with a new or factory refurbished printer of similar composition and price or offer you a full refund on a recently bought printer.

This covers:

  • Printer and all parts, including the thermal print head
  • Repairs and return shipping
  • Return shipping is covered by Creative Safety Supply (US/Canada only). Contact our customer service to set up an RMA at 1-866-777-1360.

Free loaner

Creative Safety Supply offers a no-cost loaner printer program if your printer ever needs repairs (US/Canada only). Contact us for details.

What may void your warranty:

  • Damage caused by improper usage including, but not limited to:
    • Damage due to accident or customer neglect
    • Modification or repair by anyone other than Creative Safety Supply
    • Failure by the customer to protect their printer from electrostatic discharge and surges, adverse temperature or humidity, dust, debris or physical abuse
    • Damage caused explicitly from use of consumables other than genuine LabelTac® supplies
  • Failure by the customer to follow the return authorization process set forth below:

Return Authorization Process (RMA)

For LabelTac® service or repair, please contact us:

LabelTac® Label Supply

5-Year Supply Life Limited Guarantee

Most LabelTac® supplies are guaranteed to last 5 years in indoor or outdoor conditions. See applicable supplies and restrictions below. For more information about LabelTac® supply materials and life ratings, please visit labeltac.com/materialspecs.

5 Year supply Guarantee


We are 100% committed to providing our customers with the best label printing supplies available. LabelTac® Vinyl Label Supply is tested for durability by exposing it to UV, moisture, and many other elements. Through rigorous testing and extremely high quality assurance measures, we have developed our LabelTac® Vinyl Label Supply to be both indoor and outdoor rated for 5 years, and will stand behind it for the full 5 years.

If your LabelTac® Vinyl Label Supply fails within 5 years of application, we will provide a one-time replacement of the same supply.

Supply exceptions:

The following supplies are NOT covered under the 5 Year Supply Guarantee:

  • ESD Supply, Glow-in-the-Dark Supply, Metal Detectable Wash Down Supply, Metallic Supply, Printable Cable Wraps, Printable Heat Shrink Tubing, Static Cling Supply, Tamper Evident Supply
  • High Performance 10-Year Supply is covered under the same terms but for a full 10 years after application

What may not be covered:

  • Physical damage to the label, including but not limited to:
    • Damage from physical impacts
    • Improper or inherently hazardous usage (ie: applied to high traffic floors)
    • Attempts to remove or reposition labels
    • Use of non-genuine parts or supplies
    • Chemical damage from solvents, acids, etc.

How to redeem guarantee:

Please take appropriate photos documenting label failure, then contact our customer support at 1-866-777-1360 or email info@labeltac.com.

SafetyTac® Industrial Floor Tapes

1 Year SafetyTac® Warranty

2 Year SafetyTac® 2.0 Warranty

All SafetyTac® tapes include a 1 year guarantee and all SafetyTac® 2.0 tapes include a 2 year guarantee, warrantied by Creative Safety Supply, LLC.

SafetyTac Warranties


As long as the tape is properly installed and maintained, it will remain effective for a minimum of 1 year (2 years for SafetyTac® 2.0), or we will replace it for free.

SafetyTac® is guaranteed to ship without manufacturer defects. If the SafetyTac® you receive is defective at the time you receive it, immediately contact our Customer Service at 1-888-246-6770 during open office hours (Monday thru Friday, 6AM - 4PM Pacific Time) and our team will ensure that you receive a replacement.

For full warranty coverage to be in effect, SafetyTac® must be applied to a clean, dry floor. The floor surface must be uniform, free of pits or grooves, and above 40 degrees fahrenheit during installation. As well, SafetyTac® must be properly tamped to the floor surface with at least 250 pounds of downward pressure, and allowed to dwell without any traffic for one hour to ensure maximum adhesion.

For a copy of the SafetyTac® installation procedure, please review our installation guide here: Installation Instructions

What may not be covered:

  • Damage caused by dragging pallets, skids, equipment, or similar items over SafetyTac®
  • Physical damage of the tape (cutting, scraping, burning, etc.), either deliberate or accidental
  • Acts of nature or weather
  • Not following the installation instructions

All warranty claims are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. As part of our warranty claims process, we may ask you for photos of any/all affected areas where SafetyTac® has failed. This not only helps us evaluate your claim, but helps us know how we can better develop the product. Most warranty claims are handled within 48 hours, but can take longer depending on the issue.

In no event is Creative Safety Supply, LLC liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatsoever as a result of purchasing or using SafetyTac. By purchasing SafetyTac, you agree that Creative Safety Supply's liability to you on any claim will not exceed the purchase price.

How to redeem guarantee

If you have any warranty questions, or need to file a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service staff at 1-888-246-6770 during open office hours (Monday thru Friday, 6AM - 4PM Pacific Time).

For SafetyTac® service or repair, please contact us: