Lean Videos

Lean Videos

Instructional Videos to Get
Your Team on Board.

5S Today offers some of the best instructional videos and training DVDs on the market that deal with 5S and Lean manufacturing concepts. All of these videos present 5S in its most simplistic form and offer common sense solutions for dealing with the almost overwhelming task of converting a plant over to 5S and lean systems. Gathering all the information you can before implementing one of these strategies is one of the best things you can do. Not only to determine if the method is right for your company, but to make sure you have all the information to implement it correctly the first time.

Browse all our titles below, and make sure to find the DVD that will work the best for your company's workforce. 5S Today also offers free articles about Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen.

  • 5s Garage Training Video Course and DVD

    5S Garage

  • 5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace Training Video
  • 5s Industrial Training DVD

    5S - 5 Challenges Video

  • El Taller 5S - Spanish 5S Garage

    El Taller 5S - Spanish 5S Garage

  • The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean

    The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean

  • Lean Revealed - Lean Manufacturing in Today's Workplace
  • 5S for Healthcare Training Course Video and DVD

    5S for Healthcare DVD


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