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SafetyTac Lean
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SafetyTac® Lean Floor Marking Tape

Looking for a floor tape that has an ultra-low profile, yet is just as long-lasting and durable as other tapes? SafetyTac® Lean is 40% thinner than most other industrial floor marking tapes but features SafetyTac® material, which makes it resistant to water, chemicals, and UV. With SafetyTac® Lean, the walking surfaces in your facility will stay smooth and vehicles can move over the tape with no problem. If your workplace has moderate foot and vehicle traffic, SafetyTac® Lean is the perfect tape for your floor marking system.



Thickness: 17 mil peak thickness
Surface: Smooth, slip-resistant finish for easy cleaning
Material: Flexible Polyvinyl-Chloride Material
Adhesive: Reinforced dual-sided clear adhesive
Adhesive Color: White
Liner Color: Blue
Application Temperature: >38°F (3.3°C)
Service Temperature: 0°F to 200°F (-18°C to 125°C)
Warranty: 1 year limited


SafetyTac LEAN Ultra Low Profile

Ultra-Low Profile

SafetyTac® Lean’s ultra-low profile gives you smooth floor markings. The tape is so thin, many people don’t even notice it’s there.

SafetyTac LEAN holds up to traffic

Industrial Strength

Although it’s thin, SafetyTac® Lean is tough enough to withstand the conditions of an industrial workplace. It holds up to traffic, wet conditions, and other difficult environments.

SafetyTac® Floor Tape Easy Install

Easy to Install

It’s simple to apply SafetyTac® to your floors. Remove the backing of the tape, lay it on the floor, then press down firmly.


1 Year Warranty

We know our industrial floor tapes are the toughest on the market, so we stand behind them. SafetyTac® Industrial Floor Tape, SafetyTac® Hazard, and SafetyTac® Lean all come with a one-year warranty as long as they are properly installed and maintained. If your warranty period hasn’t expired and you experience a problem, we will replace your tape for free.

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SafetyTac Lean

SafetyTac Lean