Prevent Workplace Incidents
with Visual Communication.

Signs and safety signs are so paramount to safety culture in workplaces that it’s no surprise that we see them all the time. Visual communication is a quick way to get an important message across to both workers and visitors. It can come in the form of warning signs, danger signs, caution signs, notice signs, and even in solely pictogram form! The point is to be quick and concise with the message to maximize the time it takes to read and react to that message.
Signs can create a safe, organized, and efficient facility. Furthermore, 5S programs for visual management call for facilities to have a clear, consistent home for every tool in each workspace. Signs do just that, they are able to keep areas organized and under control. 5S Today’s signs are built with industrial-grade, low-profile vinyl that can withstand heavy traffic, spills, and are fade resistant.

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Learn the required components of OSHA safety signs.

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