Evacuation Signs

Mark Exits for a More Effective
Emergency Evacuation Plan.

In the event of an emergency, the ability to evacuate quickly is essential for workers to get away safely. Emergency evacuation can apply to events such as chemical spills, natural disasters, workplace violence, and fires. Each of these instances may require a different shut down procedures, however, the exits are always the same. Marking those exits is essential!

5S Today has several options when it comes to effective evacuation signs. Mark evacuation areas, exits, and mark where alarms are with heavy duty wall signs. All our signs are made to last for years before potentially needing to be replaced. With that being said, you can choose from several different designs, sizes, and materials that provide the best evacuations signs for your facility.

If there is an evacuation sign that you would like but do not see it available, please contact us at 1-866-402-4776 or email us at info@5Stoday.com for more information. We would be happy to customize a sign at no extra cost for your unique workplace.

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Learn the required components of OSHA safety signs.

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