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SafetyTac 2.0 with Armor Technology

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Product Description

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Product Description

  • Toughest floor tape on the market
  • Dense, rigid, shatter-resistant material
  • Low profile - 70 mil (1 mil = 0.001”)
  • Triple-stage tapered edges
  • Reinforced rubber-based industrial adhesive
  • 7 color options
  • Easy application by hand or optional applicator (ST-APPL)
  • 1 year limited warranty

The strongest floor marking tape we’ve ever created.
Based on the profile of our top selling original SafetyTac® tape, SafetyTac® 2.0 takes durability to the highest level, being constructed from an ultra-rigid 70-mil heavy duty composite material that is rigid and both shatter and break resistant.
Forklifts, trucks, carts and foot traffic don’t stand a chance against this extremely tough tape.

Color Options

01 Yellow
02 White
03 Black
04 Red
05 Green
06 Orange
07 Blue
SafetyTac®: SafetyTac® Tape Roll

SafetyTac®: Triple-Stage Tapered Edges

Triple-stage Tapered Edges

The advanced tapered edging of this tape allows even the heaviest materials to move freely over your floor markings.

SafetyTac®: Low Profile

Low Profile

SafetyTac® 2.0’s low profile allows it to sit smoothly on your floors, so it will not create a tripping hazard.

SafetyTac®: Shatter Resistant

Shatter Resistant

Despite being made from a dense material, this tape is engineered not to shatter even if heavy objects are dropped on it.

SafetyTac® Advanced Pivot Resistance

Advanced Pivot Resistance

This tape’s flexible and resilient material prevents damage when heavy equipment turns or pivots on it.

SafetyTac® ARMOR Technology

ARMOR Technology

By using a denser, harder material, we’ve created a tape that is even more durable and can withstand intense traffic.

SafetyTac®: Industrial Strength

Industrial Strength

SafetyTac® 2.0 can withstand the tough conditions of an industrial workplace. It will hold up to foot and vehicle traffic, wet conditions, and even chemical spills.

SafetyTac®: Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Applying SafetyTac® 2.0 tape to the floor is simple. Remove the backing, lay the tape on the floor, and press it down. No dry time required.


Pricing and SKUs

 2" x 50'3" x 50'4" x 50'
Yellow SA201 SA301 SA401
White SA202 SA302 SA402
Black SA203 SA303 SA403
Red SA204 SA304 SA404
Green SA205 SA305 SA405
Orange SA206 SA306 SA406
Blue SA207 SA307 SA407
Gray SA208 SA308 SA408
Purple SA209 SA309 SA409
Brown SA210 SA310 SA410
PRICE $110.00 $140.00 $150.00

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