Red tags are one of the primary components of the sorting stage in any 5S program. Red tags help your employees eliminate all non-essential machinery, stock, or tools from a work zone, and correctly identify them for later retrieval or disposal. This clears up space for more important equipment and eliminates the time looking for an object. It’s also excellent to note that cluttered spaces are often dangerous. Storing unnecessary files can be a fire hazard or unorganized equipment can become tripping hazards. Recognizing these problems is the job of 5S and those committed to the method.

5S Today creates its own version of red tags, plus a product from Enna. Feel free to compare the red tag products below or give us a call at 1-866-402-4776 for more information.

  • 5S Red Tags

    Like all Lean manufacturing methods, 5S is a built for long-term improvement, not quick fixes. Production processes need to be changed from the ground up, and that’s where 5S red tags come in. These tags are necessary for the Sort phase in 5S,... More details

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    5S Red Tags

  • LabelTac Adhesive Red Tags

    Red tags are a crucial part of the Sort step in the 5S program. These 5S adhesive red tags make attaching tags easy and hassle-free. They’re especially helpful when tagging items that don’t have a good tie-point for regular tags. Red tags are... More details

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    5S Adhesive Red Tags

  • 5S Audit Scorecard

    5S Audit Scorecard Digital Download Download your free 5S Audit Scorecard   This 4-page 5S Audit Form asks the important questions in each step of the 5S System and will give you a score to let you know where you stand in each category (with a... More details

    5S Audit Scorecard - Digital Download

  • 5S Red Tag Board

    These Red Tag Boards make the Sort phase of the 5S program easier to track. This low-cost, simple system is an easy way to organize your red tags. The boards make it easy to identify and story red tags and red tag areas. The dry erase board allows for... More details

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    5S Red Tag Board

  • 5S Event Cart - Starter

    Implementing the 5S program into your facility is a great way to improve production and efficiency, but it can be hard to get everyone on board. Change is tough. A good way to combat this reluctance is to have a 5S event to introduce everyone to the idea... More details

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    5S Event Cart - Starter

  • Etiquetas Rojas 5S - Spanish Red Tags

    Las Etiquetas Rojas son usadas para mantener el proceso de cambio durante el taller de 5S mientras uno se mantiene organizado en el proceso. Las Etiquetas Rojas 5S se utilizan para el manejo visual del lugar de trabajo, marcando claramente... More details

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    Etiquetas Rojas 5S - Spanish Red Tags

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