5S Event Cart - Starter

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5S Event Cart - Starter

Includes everything you need to kickstart your organization's 5S program and hold successful 5S events and audits. 5S audits and events are an essential way to implement and evaluate 5S program activities, which leads to further, continuous improvement.

Includes helpful printed guides and audit scorecards for keeping track of 5S progress; 5S marking tape for marking floors, walls, and workspaces; hazard marking tape; red tags and sticky red tags; "LEAN MACHINE" hats, and more - all in a collapsible mobile cart.

  • 1x Event Cart
  • 1x 5S Revealed - 5S and the Visual Workplace DVD
  • 3x Laminated Industrial Color Guide
  • 10x Printed 5S Guide
  • 10x 5S Audit Scorecard/Checklists
  • 50x 5S Sticky Red Tags
  • 200x 5S Red Tags
  • 2x 2" Yellow 5S Multipurpose Tape (100' ea.)
  • 1x 2" Red 5S Multipurpose Tape 
  • 1x 2" Green 5S Multipurpose Tape
  • 1x 2" Blue 5S Multipurpose Tape
  • 1x 2" Orange 5S Multipurpose Tape
  • 1x 2" Black 5S Multipurpose Tape
  • 1x 2" 5S Multipurpose Hazard Blk/Ylw Tape
  • 1x 1/2" Yellow 5S Multipurpose Tape
  • 1x 1/2" Red 5S Multipurpose Tape
  • 25x 6"x6"x2" Yellow 5S Industrial Corner Markings
  • 2x Black Markers
  • 1x Silver Marker
  • 2x Masking Tape
  • 2x Scissors
  • 1x Tape Measure
  • 10x Creative Safety Supply Pens
  • 2x Clipboards
  • 6x "Lean Machine" Adjustable Hats