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Workplace Communication.

Employers want to know when and where their employees are during the day in terms of breaks and lunches. Having that knowledge cuts down on searching for employees only to find out they have left the building for a break. With that being said, scheduling can be a pain! Busy businesses can run into frequent scheduling errors, illegible schedules, or may not even have one.

This is where 5S Today comes in to save the day! We carry neat and tidy dry erase in/out boards that are some of the most useful organizational tools out there. Use these to schedule employee shifts, breaks, vacations, and lunches. 5S Today’s dry erase in/out boards can be used in any environment, whether that be in a hospital, an office, warehouses, or manufacturing plants. If you have a need to organize how your company is run, try out these excellent organizational tools.

These whiteboards are special. They are magnetic, have a dry erase overlay design, and are easy to erase. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with the best possible product to facilitate a smooth workflow. If you don’t see a whiteboard design that you like, call us at 1-866-402-4776 or send an email to so we can talk about some customizable options.

Custom Whiteboard

Let us help you create a custom whiteboard that meets your department’s exact needs.

Custom Whiteboard
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