Labels and Signs for your 5S Program

One of the most important parts of any 5S program is creating a visual workplace. Labels and signs in your facility provide a quick reference for efficiency and organization. Whether it's rack labels, pipe markers, floor signs, warning labels, directional arrows or notice signs, visual indicators are key.

Create Custom Signs and Labels

If you are implementing a 5S program, it can get costly buying labels from an online retailer. Making your own custom labels with your own industrial label printer will save you a great deal (up to 75%) in the long run. We have a variety of industrial label printers, label tape and ribbon supply available for you to create your own, custom labels and signs, right from your computer.

Floor Signs

If it's large, industrial floor signs you are after, we have a variety of standard floor signs available. In addition, if you need a custom floor sign, we will customize the sign for you at no additional charge.

Best Selling Sign and Labels

LabelTac 4  Label Maker for 5S and Sign Printer

LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Maker

  • Prints Labels 1/2" to 4" wide and 40" long
  • Multiple ribbon and tape colors available
  • UV and chemical resistant labels
  • Built-in templates and symbols
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and other Windows-based programs
  • Easy to use

Industrial Floor Signs

Industrial Floor Signs

  • Size: 2" - 4"
  • Based on original SafetyTac Tape, but 50% thinner
  • Withstands heavy forklift traffic, even with it's thinner profile
  • Exceptional resistance to water, oils, greases and most other chemicals
  • Extra strong adhesive

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