5S Social Distancing Strips

5S Social Distancing Strips

Social distancing is absolutely critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Because the virus is mainly spread among people who are in close contact with others, the CDC recommends everyone stay six feet, or two meters, from others. Ensure your facility is doing its part in protecting the community by enforcing social distancing!

Use floor marking strips to clearly indicate where workers, customers, and visitors may safely stand. Whether you need to create socially distanced queues or communicate healthy distances in the workplace, your messages can be made clear with our floor marking strips. Designed to withstand industrial environments, these strips won’t smear or fade over time—even with heavy pedestrian traffic. With a high-tack adhesive backing, you can install social distancing strips on concrete, hardwood, tiles, glass, and more. Looking for something specific? We are happy to customize at no extra charge.

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