5S Floor Tape Starter Kit

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5S Floor Tape Starter Kit
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5S Floor Tape Starter Kit

In this kit, you’ll receive everything you need to get started on implementing floor marking to support your facility’s 5S programs. It includes 12 rolls of our durable 5S Vinyl tape—1,196 ft of tape total—and is perfect for companies that are looking to begin 5S floor marking, or for those who have a 5S event coming up. The 5S marking kit is a great way to get 5S going in your workplace; visuals are an important aspect to organization, communication, and efficiency.

Package Contents

  • 6 rolls of yellow (2" x 108") 
  • 2 rolls of white (2" x 108") 
  • 2 rolls of red (2" x 108") 
  • 2 rolls of yellow/black (2" x 108") 


  • Convenient selection of 12 different, colored vinyl floor tapes 
  • 1,296 total feet of tape 
  • Durable industrial material 
  • Resistant to forklift traffic, UV, water, and chemicals 
  • Smooth profile that won't cause tripping hazards or get caught on wheels 

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5S Floor Tape Starter Kit

5S Floor Tape Starter Kit