Floor Tape

A good way to help keep your facilities safe, organized, and accident free is with adequate floor marking. Our floor marking tape is the strongest, toughest tape you can find. You can use our tape to create warehouse lanes, designated areas for forklift parking, and pallet housing. Our floor marking tape is easy to install, allows for easy cleanup, and lasts longer than floor paint. An organized work space is an efficient one, so be sure to take advantage of our floor marking tape to improve your business.

Your choice of floor marking tape should be based on the adhesive of the tape, its durability, its coloring/pattern, and its functional properties. We have tape that stands up to heavy forklift traffic, tape designed for foot traffic, tape that glows in the dark, tape that’s flexible enough to be used on stairs, walkways, and other areas where slipping might be a problem. We’ve got the floor marking tape to meet your facility’s needs.