SafetyTac® Crosswalk

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SafetyTac® Crosswalk
  • SafetyTac® Crosswalk
  • SafetyTac® Crosswalk
  • SafetyTac® Crosswalk
  • SafetyTac® Crosswalk
  • SafetyTac® Crosswalk
  • SafetyTac® Crosswalk
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    SafetyTac® Crosswalk

    The SafetyTac® Crosswalk is your all-in-one product for creating a durable and dependable walkway for your plant or warehouse. It’s vivid color and alternating pattern alerts pedestrians and equipment operators that this designated walkway requires them to move with caution. To add a finishing touch to your walkway, combine the SafetyTac® Crosswalk with our standard SafetyTac® Floor Tape and SafetyTac® Footprints. This helps bring additional attention to your crosswalk, allowing your facility to run smooth and safe.

    Each crosswalk strip is made from our best-selling 4” and 6” wide SafetyTac® Floor Tape, and is pre-measured and cut to the length of 36”. We offer a wide variety of packages, each including a set number of stripes based on our installation guidelines and the length of walkway you choose. If you would like a pattern that is different than our guidelines, simply select the package based on the number of stripes desired.
    SafetyTac® Floor Marking Tape is designed to withstand the toughest conditions from any industrial environment. Its resilience and strong material holds up to high traffic areas, while its low profile prevents pedestrians from tripping over uneven surfaces or pallets getting caught on the edges. The SafetyTac® Floor Marking Tape includes a reinforced rubber-based adhesive that makes each SafetyTac® strip stay in place, providing years of surface.

    Number of Strips Included:

    Length of Crosswalk4" X 36"6" X 36"
       5' 5 EA 4 EA
       10' 10 EA 6 EA
       15' 15 EA 10 EA
       20' 20 EA 13 EA
       25' 25 EA 16 EA
       30' 30 EA 20 EA
       35' 35 EA 23 EA
       40' 40 EA 26 EA
       45' 45 EA 30 EA
       50' 50 EA 33 EA
       55' 55 EA 36 EA
       60' 60 EA 40 EA
       65' 65 EA 43 EA
       70' 70 EA 46 EA
       75' 75 EA 50 EA
       80 80 EA 53 EA
       85' 85 EA 56 EA
       90' 90 EA 60 EA
       95' 95 EA 63 EA
       100' 100 EA 66 EA


    Thickness: 35 mil wear-resistant rigid PVC
    Edge: Dual-stage low profile
    Surface: Smooth, slip-resistant finish for easy cleaning
    Material: Made from rigid Shore D50 material
    Adhesive: Extremely durable dual-sided cloth adhesive
    Adhesive Color: White
    Liner Color: Blue
    Peel Strength: 14 N/25 mm
    Tensile Strength: 80 N/25 mm
    Application Temperature:

    40°F to 90°F (4.5°C to 32°C)

    Service Temperature:

    0°F to 130°F (-18°C to 54°C)

    Warranty: 1 year limited

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    SafetyTac® Crosswalk

    SafetyTac® Crosswalk