The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean

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The Errand Run: Introduction to Lean and the Value Stream

This instructional training video gives the audience an introduction to the main concepts of applying Lean principles and understanding Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in order to increase efficiency and decrease non-value-adding waste. The video ties these principles to normal everyday situations, making it easy to follow and comprehend.


  • Uses the same types of slowdowns that occur everyday in your workplace
  • Teaches how to make a business more efficient
  • Gets the audience thinking of their jobs in terms of value stream (a stream of activities that can be split into value-adding work and non-value-adding waste)
  • Shows the audience how to create value stream maps
  • Instructs how to identify and eliminate waste through continuous improvement with VSM

The premise

This video takes the audience on a trip around town where they attempt to meet a customer's request within a limited time. Driven by a to-do list, they go to the post office, grocery store, hardware store, and more. Along the way the audience will learn about value stream mapping, Lean, and the 8 wastes.

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