Toast Kaizen DVD

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Toast Kaizen Training Video and Educational Safety DVD
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Toast Kaizen DVD is the #1 selling training tool for Lean manufacturing methodologies. In only twenty-seven minutes, this video uses the process of making toast to accessibly define the seven types of waste found in manufacturing processes, and explains production and ways to improve it, including Kaizen, the foundation of Lean methodologies.

With its short format, Toast Kaizen DVD makes for the perfect presentation time for your workers—anything longer and you run the risk of your employees losing interest. This short training tool is a great primer for Lean methodologies, and will be sure to help sell your workers on Lean manufacturing and the impact it will have on your production process.


  • Narrated by Bruce Hamilton, Shingo Prize Recipient
  • 27-minute video
  • Highlights the seven deadly wastes found in offices as well as manufacturing processes
  • Uses the everyday example of making toast to explain the Kaizen process



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Toast Kaizen DVD

Toast Kaizen DVD