Toast Kaizen DVD

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Toast Kaizen Training Video and Educational Safety DVD
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Toast Kaizen is the #1 training tool for learning about Lean manufacturing techniques. Famous worldwide, this training uses the metaphor of making toast to help everyone understand the seven types of manufacturing waste and how to improve these wastes. In just 27 minutes, you’ll learn all about manufacturing production and Kaizen, one of the foundational methodologies of Lean.

Due to its short format, Toast Kaizen DVD is perfect for presenting to your workers at the beginning of their shifts or during overall training, without running the risk of losing anyone’s interest. This short training tool is a great introduction to Lean and will help your workers get on board with the Lean manufacturing process, aiding your business’s attempt to reduce waste and make production more efficient. 


  • Narrated by Shingo Prize Recipient Bruce Hamilton 
  • 27-minute video 
  • Highlights the seven wastes commonly found in the manufacturing process and other industries 
  • Uses the everyday example of making toast to clearly explain the Kaizen process



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Toast Kaizen DVD

Toast Kaizen DVD