Toast Value Stream Mapping DVD

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Toast Value Stream Mapping DVD and Educational Training Video
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    This DVD gives you a comprehensive introduction to value stream mapping (VSM), a common starting point technique to Lean manufacturing. This technique helps get you started on improving the most harmful or deficient factors to your company’s growth and success. The Toast Value Stream Mapping training video is the sequel to the world-famous “Toast Kaizen” DVD.

    According to Bruce Hamilton (also known as the Toast Guy), “If our kitchens were organized the same way as our factories, offices, and clinics, then the refrigerator would be in the basement, the toaster would be in the attic, and the bread would be stored anywhere there was an open space. We would be making huge batches of toast that spent most of their existence being moved and stored. And we’d see isolated departments that each added a little bit of value and a whole lot of waste, working out of sync, rarely communicating, and often displeasing the customer. Just like most business environments.”

    Come along on a journey that uses a toast metaphor to describe the most typical conditions employees discover when they conduct value stream mapping. There are two half-hour training segments:

       Part 1, which examines the current condition/state of the process to understand the flows of material and information. Viewers will participate in observation and discussions about what is observed as the team travels the process upstream to expose problems within the system. You’ll learn how to capture both anecdotal and numeric information, and how to achieve a consensus regarding the key points of the current condition.

       Part 2 details the target condition/state of the process, and demonstrates how improvement can be measured, systematically identified, and achieved. Viewers will be introduced to a value stream mapping action plan in A3 format, which provides a complete analysis, reflection, improvement plan, measurements, and milestone tracking on a single sheet of paper. 

    Whether your business process is service-related, administrative, or pure factory, the “Toast VSM” DVD offers a day-in-the life experience for people who implement Lean and would like to understand the full benefits to using Value Stream Mapping.

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    Toast Value Stream Mapping DVD

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