Industrial Pegboard Kit 24x48

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Industrial Pegboard Kit 24x48
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  • Two options - 2-Board Kit & 4-Board Kit
  • 24" x 48" x 1/4"
  • Three times greater holding power than traditional pegboard
  • Durable, weather resistant, and washable
  • Board surface is ideal for tool shadowing

These pegboard kits provide everything you need to organize your tools. Using pegboards to organize your tools increases productivitiy and reduces time searching for tools, making them a great addition to 5S programs. When combined with tool shadowing, these boards allow you to see which tools are missing and where each tool belongs.

2-Board Kit contains:
2 sheets, (24" x 48" x 1/4")
48 pcs Hook ass't
4 plastic bins
Spacer Kit

4-Board Kit contains:
4 sheets, (24" x 48" x 1/4")
96 pcs Hook ass't
8 plastic bins
Spacer Kit

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Industrial Pegboard Kit 24x48

Industrial Pegboard Kit 24x48