10 Gallon Trash Can Lid

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10 Gallon Trash Can Lid
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10 Gallon Trash Can Lid


Created using long-lasting polyethylene resin, these durable lids are leak-proof, protects the content inside 10 Gallon trash bins, and keep odors from escaping. The plastic material used in the making of these lids will not corrode, chip, crack, or peel. When these lids are not in use, they allow easy stacking. These lids are sold separately and are made to fit perfectly over 10 Gallon trash containers.



  • Height: 1-1/8"
  • Color Finish: Gray
  • Construction: Polyethylene Resin
  • Thickness: .080"
  • Type: Flat Lid
  • Diameter: 16"
  • Capacity: 10 Gallons

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10 Gallon Trash Can Lid

10 Gallon Trash Can Lid