32 Gallon Trash Can Lid

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32 Gallon Trash Can Lid
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32 Gallon Trash Can Lid 

These durable trash can lids, designed to fit with 32-gallon trash bins, protect the contents of your trash can and prevent both leaks and odors. Created from long-lasting polyethylene material, these lids won’t peel, crack, chip, or corrode. When they’re not being used, they stack easily for efficient storage. They are made to fit over 32-gallon trash containers perfectly (sold separately).


  • 32 gallon capacity
  • 1.05" thickness
  • 1 3/8" height 
  • 22 1/4" diameter 
  • Type: Flat Lid 
  • Polyethylene Resin construction 
  • Gray color finish 

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32 Gallon Trash Can Lid

32 Gallon Trash Can Lid