5S for Healthcare Workshop Kit

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5S for Healthcare and Office Workshop Kit
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    5S for Healthcare includes:

    • Coach Guide
      • The definitions and benefits of the 5S workplace visual systems and organization
      • The role of 5S in patient safety and initiatives
      • Process and materials for communicating the 5S system to your organization or area
      • Methods and tools to plan, implement, measure and sustain 5S
    • Team Member Guide
      • 5S event role definitions
      • 5S Timeline
      • Examples and details of each “S”
      • 5S Levels of Achievement
    • Workshop Forms
      • 5S Event Timeline
      • Assessment & Planning Checklist
      • 5S Charter Development Worksheet
      • Team Charter
      • Task Log
      • 5S Measurement Plan
      • Communication Plan
      • Meeting Schedule
      • 5S Workshop Logistics Checklist
      • 5S Economic Benefit Report
      • Sustaining Checklist
      • 5S Sustaining Plan
      • 5S Audit Checklist
    • 5S for Healthcare DVD
      • 5S training video (15 minutes) – learn how visual cues can be implemented into a 5S visual system to 1) improve safety, 2) reduce training time, and 3) increase teamwork.
    • Laminated Reference Tools/Signs
      • 5S ‘Levels of Achievement’ reference and workshop event signs for use and reuse as you conduct 5S Workshops
    • Training Posters
      • Four reusable color posters display key 5S training tools throughout the 5S workshop

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    5S for Healthcare Workshop Kit

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