8 Wastes of Lean (Black) Poster

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8 Wastes of Lean Poster and Other Customizable Signs
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    Lean programs and strategies for the workplace strive for a more efficient, safer, less wasteful workflow, and the benefits are worth it: higher profit, less waste, less overstock inventory, and fewer accidents. An enemy of a successful business is waste, and Lean manufacturing identifies, then eliminates what’s known as the 7 wastes of lean.

    The 8 Wastes of Lean poster adds another common waste to the list, and this update will help your business hum along all the more efficiently. The eighth waste of Lean is unutilized talents. In other words, people whose skills aren’t being applied correctly, or workers who haven’t yet reached their potential due to insufficient training. This is a plague in industrial environments; we’re often busy, racing the clock to meet deadlines and quotas, and we don’t always take the time to adequately instruct new workers on their duties. This is a crucial update to the wastes of Lean, and it’s important for workers and managers alike to be aware of this new waste, and to take steps to eliminate it.

    • 22" x 28"
    • High-quality, vivid printed poster
    • Lists the 8 wastes of lean clearly
    • Available with a UV protection coating and poster hanger options


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    8 Wastes of Lean (Black) Poster

    8 Wastes of Lean (Black) Poster