Fire Safety Inline Tape

Fire Safety Inline Tape

Alert Workers of
Existing Fire Hazards.

Help your workers navigate through fire hazards within the workplace by utilizing fire safety inline tape. This brightly colored specialized floor marking tape will help your workers recognize fire hazards that they may have not noticed before. Use it to mark the location of fire extinguishers, exits, alarms, and more. This tape will also assist emergency responders in navigating the workplace in the event of an emergency.

Prepare your workers for the worst while simultaneously preventing emergency situations with 5S Today’s fire safety inline tape. This tape is made with industrial strength adhesive and flexible PVC material that is both forklift safe and can withstand extreme heat. You won’t have to worry about spills, scrapes, or the text smearing. This inline tape also comes in several different sizes with multiple color options.

If you don’t see the phrasing you want for this tape, take a look at our custom inline tape builder. You’ll be able to get the exact message you need.


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