Pedestrian Crossing - die-cut-X - Floor Sign

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One Way Floor Sign

  • 20" X 21" sign
  • Resists damage from forklifts and other traffic
  • Peel-and-stick application
  • High resolution print
  • Water, chemical, and wear-resistant
  • Customizable/Design your own - Call 1-866-777-1360

Simple floor signs can help keep the workplace organized and increase efficiency. This Pedestrian Crossing sign is incorporated into a safety yellow "X" to help the viewer quickly understand the message.  This sign will help with traffic flow in your facility and keep pedestrians safe. These durable signs are made from a tough industrial material that resists damage from traffic and forklifts, as well as damage from water and chemicals. Use signs like this one as part of your 5S program or to simplify communication and organization in your facility.

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Pedestrian Crossing - die-cut-X - Floor Sign

Pedestrian Crossing - die-cut-X - Floor Sign