Road to Safety/6S Poster

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6S for Safety, Lean and 5S Posters
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Implementing new production methods or concepts can be difficult for any business, but one way to prevent difficulty is to display visual reminders. This Road to Safety/6S Poster is a great way to educate workers about 5S, the Lean manufacturing method designed to improve production, and remind them of the mission to find more effective processes and eliminate waste.

Road to Safety/6S posters can be displayed in break rooms, by the timeclock, or in locker areas. On top of addressing the each 5S with concise explanations, it also contains the unofficial 6S: safety. With this extra reminder, employees are more likely to keep safety at the forefront of their minds. The Road to Safety/6S poster will help your business stay productive and accident-free.


  • 22"x 28"
  • Displays and explains the 6S steps
  • UV protection coating and poster hanger available as options


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Road to Safety/6S Poster

Road to Safety/6S Poster