SafetyTac® Accessories

SafetyTac Accessories

Ensure Floor Marking Success with
Maintenance and Installation Tools.

Installing and maintaining your SafetyTac® floor marking system won’t require too much effort on your part. However, you can make these tasks even easier with our SafetyTac® accessories.

The tape can be easily and quickly installed by hand, or you can save yourself a lot of trouble by using our industrial tape applicator. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, simply use a mild detergent and a clean cloth. For that we have specific floor and tape cleaner!

Shop below for cleaning supplies and installation tools that were designed specifically for use with SafetyTac® floor marking products. 5S Today has all the SafetyTac® accessories your facility needs to make the installation worth your time.

  • SafetyTac® Floor and Tape Cleaner

    SafetyTac® Floor and Tape Cleaner

  • Industrial Floor Tape Applicator and Marking Dispenser

    Industrial Floor Tape Applicator


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