Sonic Blast 5 oz. Air Horn

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Air Horn for Marine, Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
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  • Alert workers up to 1/2 mile away
  • Rated for 120 dB at 10 feet
  • Refills available (no horn attachment)
  • Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

This Sonic Blast airhorn is designed to produce a loud pneumatic blast that will get anyone's attention in a reasonable distance where flammability is a concern including industrial safety, construction sites, confined spaces, boating and emergency alarm stations. The horn may be used to signal workers of hazards, breaks, and more without the need for contacting each person/group individually.

Provides a piercing 120dB blast at 10 feet. Meets US Coast Guard requirements for boats up to 65′ (20 meters). Provides up to 56 blasts per can. Refills available.

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Sonic Blast 5 oz. Air Horn

Sonic Blast 5 oz. Air Horn