Warning Inline Tape

Warning Inline Tape

Keep Staff and Visitors Informed
of Workplace Hazards.

Warning inline tape should be used in environments where hazardous situations exist. In the event those hazards are not avoided, then the potential of serious injury or death becomes increasingly high. 5S Today’s warning inline tape can be used anywhere within industrial facilities. Whether that be for alerting employees of industrial vehicles to keeping unauthorized employees out of certain restricted areas. With that being said, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons to use these specialized warning signs. Just look at our selection below to see for yourself.

All our inline tapes are made with industrial grade adhesive to make sure it stays in place while withstanding heavy machinery traffic, water, and chemical spills. Enjoy a range of sizes to choose from to make sure this tape is visible by your employees. In the end, you’ll be able to maintain clear communication for years while this tape is installed.

If you don’t see the phrasing you want for this tape, take a look at our custom inline tape builder. You’ll be able to get the exact message you need.

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