ESD Inline Tape

ESD Inline Tape

Prevent Electrical Damage
to sensitive Equipment.

Everyone has experienced electrostatic discharge at some point in their lives. One moment you’ll be walking on carpet and the next time you touch your car or your fridge you experience a startling shock! While electrostatic discharge isn’t necessarily harmful to humans, it can be incredibly damaging in the workplace. 5S Today can help you prevent equipment damage with ESD Inline tape. Place this specialty tape before entryways to labs, semi-conductor buildings, etc. This way employees will know to use the right PPE that prevents static electricity from building up.

Simply using this specialized floor tape will help your workers avoid accidentally destroying sensitive electronic components and even prevent fires from occurring in the workplace. Browse our ESD inline tape selection below to improve your workplace protocol.

5S Today’s inline tape is made with industrial strength adhesive and flexible PVC material that is both forklift safe and can withstand extreme heat. You won’t have to worry about spills, scrapes, or smearing of the text. Our tape can survive anything you throw at it. If you don’t see the phrasing you want for this tape, take a look at our custom inline tape builder. You’ll be able to get the exact message you need.

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