Glow in the Dark Tape

Glow in the Dark Tape

Improve Evacuation
Route Visibility.

Imagine a type of photo-luminescent tape that glows for hours after the lights have gone out. We have that here at 5S Today! This specialty tape is excellent for situations such as emergency evacuations, power outages, and more. It’s not just limited to floors either, use this tape on equipment, on performance stages, in movie theaters, the possibilities are endless.

Our glow in the dark tape has two means of communication, its glow that denotes lanes and pathways while the text acts as a sign at the same time. All our inline tapes are made with industrial grade adhesive to make sure it stays in place while withstanding heavy machinery traffic, water, and chemical spills. Enjoy a range of color combinations to choose from to make sure this tape is visible by everyone. You’ll be able to maintain clear communication for years while this tape is installed.


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