SafetyTac® Floor Tape

SafetyTac industrial floor tape has been used in some of the toughest environments and has out-performed the rest with its strong adhesive and double-tapered edge making it feel like it's just part of the floor. Everyone says, "It stays down until you want it to come up!" When removal is needed, it comes up easily and does not leave a sticky residue.

  • SafetyTac Floor Tape

    #1 Rated Floor Tape for all traffic situations including high forklift and truck traffic. 100' per roll 2", 3", 4", 6" widths availabale Perfect for industrial environments Multiple color options for OSHA compliance 35 mil. thick for very high... More details

  • Super THIN meets Super STRONG 100' per roll 2", 3", and 4" widths available Made from an extremely strong material. It's stronger than any vinyl tape out there Does not stretch or curl when applying it Thin profile Strong adhesive and... More details

  • SafetyTac Hazard Tape

      100' per roll 100% smear and scuff resistant Ideal for alerting workers where to be cautious in the workplace Keep electrical panels clear for easy access Simple peel-&-stick installation No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up... More details

  • ***Minimum order quantity of 3 rolls*** 50' per roll Very Durable Letters will not scratch or smudge off Holds up to most industrial traffic including forklift traffic Available in 2", 3", & 4" wide  11 versions to choose... More details

  • Industrial Floor Tape Applicator and Marking Dispenser

    Easy to use Automatic liner takeup Can install 1500 ft/hour For use from 2" - 6" wide tapes Can be rented ($50/day) or purchased - Call for details Our applicator assists with the application of all brands of industrial, adhesive-liner-backed... More details

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