Demarcation Inline Tape

Demarcation Inline Tape

Easily Mark Boundaries
in the Workplace.

All workplaces have areas where marked boundaries exist for both equipment and people. Boundaries exist to make sure employees follow protocol, but also to make sure they stay safe in potentially dangerous workplace environments. Browse our wide selection of demarcation inline tape below to see how you can create a safer and more productive workplace.

Our demarcation inline tape features SafetyTac®. The tape itself is made of incredibly resilient material. It will hold up to any spills or traffic you throw at it. SafetyTac® also has smooth tapered edges and a low profile as to prevent tripping hazards and getting caught on wheels. Our demarcation themed inline tape will help you maintain a clean and error-free workplace.

If you don’t see the phrasing you want for this tape, take a look at our custom inline tape builder. You’ll be able to get the exact message you need.


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